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Bláithín Breathnach

Phone : 0873803139

Subjects Taught : French, Spanish and Italian Oral and Written Skills

Additional Information : I am a final year Global Language student studying French, Spanish and Italian and hold a C1 level in all three. Having spent time in countries speaking all of these languages, I am well equipped to help you in any language area, be that oral skills, written skills, grammar, etc. I have been teaching grinds for 3 years now and have also worked as a substitute teacher in Secondary Schools in Ireland. I'm happy to tailor my lessons to you- Whether you prefer a formal grammar-heavy lesson or an informal conversation class to practice your language skills, I'm here to help!

Rate (Per Hour) : €25.00

Damhan Mulligan

Phone : 0852866855

Subjects Taught : GRAMMAR: Fundamentals and Advanced: verbs (present, past [perfect, imperfect], past historical, subjunctive, pluperfect etc.), sentence structure (coordinating and relative/subordinate clauses, "circumstancial", infintive etc.), adjectives, nouns... CONVERSATION AND GENERAL PRACTICE.

Additional Information : The best way to learn a language is practice, practice, practice! I studied in France for two years. I obtained a H1 in LC French and have achieved an 82/100 in the DELF national exam. Feel free to drop me a message for further info and to arrange the sessions. Email:

Rate (Per Session) : €20.00

Hasnaa Dezzaz

Subjects Taught : French fluent speaker as I study in France, I can help with written, oral comprehension and preparation for exams.

Additional Information : phone number: 0896176568 email:

Rate (Per Hour) : €18.00

Lou Granger Malenfant

Subjects Taught : French native. I offer sessions to work on oral and writing skills. I can help with grammar/vocabulary/analysing skills/confidence in French, from a practical and efficient approach to a more litterary/creative one. I study creative writing in UG and have solid knowledge of French literature that I was taught in the French scholar system.

Rate (Per Hour) : €23.00

Madora Mabika

Phone : 0874907687

Subjects Taught : French citizen/native speaker. I have experience in creative and scientific writing/publication. Grinds cover: - Writing: grammar, conjugation, vocabulary - Reading: comprehension, analytical reading, translation - Speaking: conversation (formal and informal), pronunciation practice - Essay proofreading and exam preparation

Rate (Per Hour) : €25.00

Manon Gueriteau

Subjects Taught : I grew up in France and then did my Bachelor of Art in NUIG (French and german) , I am now doing a PME to teach French. I can help with grammar, speaking/listening/writing/reading skills.

Rate (Per Session) : €25.00

Marlene Moulin

Phone : 0851892460

Subjects Taught : French native, I taught French to leaving certs for a year in Cork , I can help you with your conversation skills, French grammar and how to analyze books. I am now on my final year in French (so just did same courses as you and only got honor results) and I will do the PME next year. If you put up the work and with my help your pronunciation and understanding will increase, and so will you grades! ;-)

Rate (Per Hour) : €25.00