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Bhavya Bhatia

Phone : +353892085693

Subjects Taught : Marketing, Brand Management

Additional Information : Hi there! I'm Bhavya Bhatia, and I've spent the last 3 years immersed in the world of marketing and brand management. I've not only studied marketing extensively during my undergraduate and MBA degrees but am now taking it a step further with an MSC in Digital Marketing. With my hands-on experience and continuous education, I'm here to be your trusted marketing tutor. Whether you're just beginning your marketing journey or looking to deepen your expertise, I've got the knowledge and passion to help you succeed. Let's dive into the exciting world of marketing together and achieve your goals! Drop me an email or a WhatsApp message to discuss further. :)

Rate (Per Hour) : €15.00

Eric van Lente

Phone : 0879393100

Subjects Taught : SPSS/Statistics* Research design, analysis, and write up. Paper and report writing. * eg. Correlations, t-tests, ANOVAs, Regressions, Exploratory Factor Analysis, Data Mining, Statistics exam paper preparation

Additional Information : * 20+ years research experience in psychology, social sciences, health sciences (health promotion, social care epidemiology) and engineering, with publications in each of these areas. 30 Euro/hour. Reduced rate for more than two hours or for a group of 2 (25 Euro/hour)

Rate (Per Hour) : €30.00

Verena Foltran

Phone : 0830309885

Subjects Taught : - Content Creation: How to plan, create and share the content you need to share - Why and how to use the following apps: Canva, Trello, Evernote, Plann and YouCut - How to use the following social-media platforms: Instagram and Pinterest - How to make sure the internet is not being harmful for your mental health.

Additional Information : - You will receive an E-Book for the course that includes all of our lessons as well worksheets - This is for anyone who is interested in an alternative approach to online media and online communications. You will learn how to organise your routine with your social media, transform your ideas into content, as well as how to take care of Instagram and Pinterest accounts. - I have a BA in Journalism with years of experience with content creation for small business and independent artists.

Rate (Per Hour) : €40.00