Students Union Grinds Adverts


Daniel Lee

Subjects Taught : I am happy to do grinds in philosophy, including history of philosophy, moral theory, bioethics, information ethics, disability and deprivation ethics, environmental ethics, moral and political philosophy, philosophy of mind, and formal logic. I also have a lot of knowledge with undergraduate psychology modules, such as developmental psychology, social psychology, cognitive psychology, biological psychology, personality psychology, positive psychology, health psychology, abnormal and clinical psychology, and conceptual issues in psychology. I am happy to teach skills related to the above topics, to advise on relevant sources to consult, and to proofread essays.

Additional Information : I am a Master's Graduate in the discipline of philosophy (1.1 First Class Honours) and have a Bachelor of Arts Degree in philosophy and psychological studies (1.1 First Class Honours). I have also completed a Higher Diploma in psychology (1.1 First Class Honours), and I am currently completing a Master of Science in Clinical Neuroscience also, so I am happy to provide grinds in psychology. I have a first class honours from all the modules/topics I have listed as willing to teach (including all philosophy and psychology modules), and I'm happy to help enthusiastic students to reach a similar standard in either discipline!

Rate (Per Hour) : €17.00

David Anthony Lydon

Subjects Taught : I can help with most areas at undergraduate level first and second year and depending on the subject, third year. Graduated with 1.1 overall in Philosophy, English and Creative Writing.

Rate (Per Session) : €20.00