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Kevlyn Stanly Kadamala

Subjects Taught : Python, Web Development (HTML, CSS), JavaScript (client-side and backend), Java, SQL, Flutter. Can teach advanced programming topics like for Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning with Python or JavaScript.

Additional Information : PhD student in Artificial Intelligence. I have completed my MSc in AI with first-class honours. For my CV -

Rate (Per Hour) : €20.00

Shane Crinion

Subjects Taught : R and Python - very familiar with data analysis and data visualisation in these languages :)

Additional Information : 3rd year PhD student in Genomics Data Science

Rate (Per Hour) : €30.00

Snehalakshmi Devarayasamudra Lakshminarayan

Phone : 0870000000

Subjects Taught : C#, C++, javascript, WPF, MVVM, Winforms, SQL, Database Systems, Object Oriented Programming, React JS, Computer Programming,

Rate (Per Hour) : €15.00